Why I would like to help

My interest in therapy developed as a result of being close by to a much cared for family member dealing with a very painful and difficult time.

I witnessed this person go through a crisis which brought up events and feelings from the past that they hoped they had forgotten about. During that period friends and family offered support and help but deep rooted issues refused to go away and negative patterns were repeated.

Eventually this hurt individual was able to seek therapy and during this time was able to explore and understand long standing difficulties. With the help of a trained and professional therapist this person became able to manage and overcome problems, form better relationships and achieve a happier life.

Issues we might work with

Stress/Anxiety, Work-Life Balance, Gender Issues, Bullying, Depression, Bereavement and Loss, Chronic Illness, HIV/Aids, Eating Disorders, Self Harm, Self Esteem, Substance/Alcohol Mis-Use